Community Association Collection laws in florida have changed!

Beginning in July of 2021, when you submit a new file to Alliance, in addition to asking for a zero-balance ledger, we'll also need a copy of the new required Notice of Late Assessment. If you’re not sure if your current process complies with the statute change or would like to have Alliance produce this notice on your behalf send us an email.

Community Association Collections

If your condo, HOA or POA has delinquencies, we have the knowledge and tools to quickly recover every dollar owed to the association, taking the hard work of collections off the plate of the board and property manager

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It's All We Do

We Are Your Partner

We don't get paid until you get paid, it's that simple. We're so confident that we can collect what's owed to your community that we're willing to defer the billing for our collections work. We also get what's been collected to you faster with partial payments every month rather than delaying disbursement until the account is paid in full

We Do More Than Anyone

No matter what you're currently doing to address delinquencies in your community, we're confident we can help you do better. We nail all of the required collection steps. We're proactively reaching out to homeowners everyday. We quarterback every matter to a conclusion. And keep you updated at every step along the way

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How We Do It

Doing great collections work is definitely not rocket science but it's not exactly easy either. Our Approach makes the complicated simple by doing the little things right to collect everything you're entitled to

ledgers and letters

We maintain the account ledger so you don't have to keep track of the numbers. We also mail out all required collection notices like clockwork


Our highly trained collection specialists work tirelessly using multiple communication channels to quickly collect what is owed

network of partners

We handle the process from A to Z. This includes coordinating with trusted attorney partners when legal work is required to finish collecting

reports every Month

To keep you updated at every step in the process you'll get reports every month with the status of each account and the amount collected to date

Locations We Serve

Whether you are a small self-managed community or a large property management company we've got you covered

We’re the Experts

We're fully-licensed as a third-party collection agency and we've got deep knowledge of the collections process in each location we operate

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Our certifications

We're accredited by the Better Business Bureau and all our team members are designated Professional Collection Specialists by ACA International


Years operating

From our 2008 start in Florida, the team has grown to cover four states in the Southeast and brings decades of collective experience to the table


Million Collected

The number speaks for itself. Our process works and we're fully aligned on a quick recovery of the full amount owed to the association



Working with over a thousand community associations over the years we've seen it all so we can handle anything you throw at us

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